Why are my seamless loops clicking when looping in FMOD?


In Reaper I have created some seamless loops that I wish to use in an FMOD event. Each loop is looping perfectly in Reaper without any clicks or pops. All loops are equally long and meant to be played simultaneously. On the timeline in FMOD I have added a loop region that covers the range of the audio files. I have not selected async for any of the loops. However, when each sound is looped a click can be heard. How come?

Kind regards

I’m afraid we need more information about your project to diagnose this issue. Does the issue occur both in-game, or just when auditioning in FMOD Studio? What file format do you use for your assets? Are you able to send us a video recording of the issue, or a copy of the project that exhibits the issue?

Hi Joseph

Thank you for your reply. It turned out to be a Reaper problem, I had a deactivated plugin on my master that at export for some reason resulted in clicks.

In general even in Reaper if a sound playback loops seamlessly, it doesn’t guarantee that the rendered result will also loop seamlessly. This is due to buffering, effects that have tails (like reverb), effects that shift the phase of the waves, and what have you.

In my experience, once you have created & exported a looping file from your DAW… you should always import the loop back in the DAW & check if its looping seamlessly. If it is, then it will work perfectly in Fmod.

Hi Skaven and @AndreasJohansen! Do you happen to know if this issue only occurs with deactivated plugins, or are you having it when you export via master with plugins on the master channel (even without reverb tails)? Is it just always better to not have any plugins downstream from the track you’re looping on, and always render that media item only on the channel itself?

I’d like to know 100%, as a matter of saving time and educating my team. Thank you!