... XMAAudioInfo.cpp] [Line: 72] Failed to create APU heap: 8aca0001 (XBOXONE) (UE4.22)

Hi, Im’ fighting with project XBOX ONE deployment with Fmod and UE4.22 (fmod 2.00.06)
What i did so far:

  • plugins files in proper places
  • missing dlls: added lines to cs files (fixed one of my previous problem with missing dll files, engine rebuild)
  • added line in config file to disable default unreal audio

And now I have something about XMAAudioInfo.cpp
and line 72…

From xbWatson log:
LogXboxOneOutputDevices: Error: === Critical error: ===
LogXboxOneOutputDevices: Error: LogXboxOneOutputDevices: Error: Fatal error: [File:E:\UE-4.22.3-release\Engine\Source\Runtime\XboxOne\XMA2\Private\XMAAudioInfo.cpp] [Line: 72]
LogXboxOneOutputDevices: Error: Failed to create APU heap: 8aca0001

from UEditor log:
LogSockets: Error: Unable to read full network header

Game is starting with Fmod plugin disabled so it must be something wrong here

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It’s like that FMOD has already initialized the XAudio2 module and Unreal do not detect this trying to re-initialize it again.
If you use only FMOD for ANY sound you can disable XAudio2 inside your XboxOneEngine.ini file adding these lines:


Giacomo Marchetti

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Thank you, it works now! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this, I just had the exact same issue.

It would be awesome to get this added to user guide alongside AudioDeviceModuleName - https://www.fmod.com/resources/documentation-ue4?version=2.0&page=user-guide.html

We had the game working with 4.21 but upgraded to 4.24 recently and it seems this step is required for Xbox UE4.22+

Thanks, I’ll get this added to the docs for the next release.