... XMAAudioInfo.cpp] [Line: 72] Failed to create APU heap: 8aca0001 (XBOXONE) (UE4.22)

Hi, Im’ fighting with project XBOX ONE deployment with Fmod and UE4.22 (fmod 2.00.06)
What i did so far:

  • plugins files in proper places
  • missing dlls: added lines to cs files (fixed one of my previous problem with missing dll files, engine rebuild)
  • added line in config file to disable default unreal audio

And now I have something about XMAAudioInfo.cpp
and line 72…

From xbWatson log:
LogXboxOneOutputDevices: Error: === Critical error: ===
LogXboxOneOutputDevices: Error: LogXboxOneOutputDevices: Error: Fatal error: [File:E:\UE-4.22.3-release\Engine\Source\Runtime\XboxOne\XMA2\Private\XMAAudioInfo.cpp] [Line: 72]
LogXboxOneOutputDevices: Error: Failed to create APU heap: 8aca0001

from UEditor log:
LogSockets: Error: Unable to read full network header

Game is starting with Fmod plugin disabled so it must be something wrong here

It’s like that FMOD has already initialized the XAudio2 module and Unreal do not detect this trying to re-initialize it again.
If you use only FMOD for ANY sound you can disable XAudio2 inside your XboxOneEngine.ini file adding these lines:


Giacomo Marchetti

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Thank you, it works now! :slight_smile: