2 Potential Bugs

Hey there, friendly neighborhood FMOD team!

I may have found a couple of bugs, one related to Scatterers and one more of an Audio Table thing.

SCATTERER: adding a Scatterer instrument to an event decreases the volume of the event (by approximately 3-4dB) until that same Scatterer’s Min/Max Scatter Distances are set to 0/0.

LOCALIZATION: this one’s a maybe, but it seems that the capitalization matters between file names
& audio table entries. If capitalization does not match between the two precisely, [the game] will fail to find the audio file. We expected that capitalization wouldn’t matter in this case, as in most, so we’re not sure if it’s a bug or it was a conscious decision?

FMOD 2.02.07 (I know, these might have already been addressed in a newer release, apologies if this is redundant!)


I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. When I test here, I only observe the attenuation I’d normally expect from the randomized spatialization applied by the scatterer instrument.

What channel format is the signal before and after the scatterer instrument? What types of instrument are in the scatterer instrument’s playlist? Does the issue occur only with certain instrument types?

This is entirely intentional. It occurs because FMOD Studio is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. An FMOD Studio project needs to work the same way on all three of those operating systems, in order to support users of different operating systems collaborating on the same project.

Filenames are case-sensitive on Linux, and sometimes case-sensitive on MacOS, so FMOD Studio needs to respect the casing of filenames on every operating system, because it could easily be important on one of them.