20.1.09 Bug Assertion failed

I have been getting this error that seems to crash the unity editor.

Assertion failed
UnityEditor.RetainedMode:UpdateSchedulers ()

The easiest way to recreate the error is to create a new unity 2d project and import fmod 20.1.9
Then add 2 ui buttons with event emitters on them.
It should start spitting out errors after the first or second time trying playback.
Only way to get out is to let it sit, or to delete one of the event emitters

Tested on multiple different versions of unity.

Doesn’t seem to happen if you use 20.1.7

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ve recreated the issue and passed it along to our dev team who will work on a fix.
In the meantime, it looks like the issue comes down to the FMOD Studio Event Emitter not getting along with Image & Text components, so you can get around this by doing the following:

  1. Add an empty game object to your button
  2. Remove the FMOD Studio Event Emitter from the button and add it to the new child game object instead