3D Actions with random automation question

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to FMod and I have a question that I haven’t been able to search for directly as I may not have the correct terminology etc so sorry if this has been asked before.

I have created a 3d action event in FMod and I am applying this event to a few game objects in my Unity game build. I am using the same event for each object - they are all identical objects with the same animation.

I have my 3d event set up so that it plays a number of samples concurrently, I have several multi instruments with stacks of samples that play and loop with different intervals which gives a fair bit of randomisation to this sound.

My question: Does each event play the same for every object in the world or do the ranomisations over which sample that plays on each multi-instrument and the slight ranomisation of pitch and volume all apply? To clarify, I want to know if I were able to listen to every emitter object in unity at the same time, would that all sound different due to the way the randomisation is set up, or will they all access the same event and therefor play the exact same?


Each object will have a unique event instance created which will have its own randomization. You can read more about this under FMOD Studio | Glossary - Event Instance.

Hope this helps!