How to sync multiple FMOD events in UE4 in a randomized event in FMOD


I currently have a multi-instrument set up to play a music track randomly. The problem arises when I want the music to play in UE4, but it isn’t in sync. To elaborate…

I have 10 events in UE4 all playing this 1 music event from FMOD. When I press sequentially in FMOD, they Sync and all play the same song, when I press randomize within the Multi Instrument, each of the 10 events randomly plays a track.

Is there a way I can play all 10 events the same randomised music track?

If I understand correctly, you want multiple event instances that all play the same music in perfect sync, and for that music to contain randomized elements.

The tool for this is transceiver effects.

  1. Create an event that contains your music. (You have already done this step.)
  2. Remove any spatializing effects from the event’s master track. As will be explained below, they’re in the wrong place. (If there are no spatializing effects in the event, you can skip this step.)
  3. Add a pre-fader transceiver effect to the event’s master track. Set this transceiver effect to “transmit,” and set its channel to any number you’re not already using for other transceiver effects in the same project.
  4. Set the event’s master track fader to -oo dB.
  5. Create a second event with no content.
  6. In this new event, add a transceiver effect. Set this transceiver effect to “receive,” and set its channel to the same number you picked back in step 3.
  7. Remember those spaitalizing effects you removed in step 2? Add them to the new event. Make sure to put them to the right of the transceiver effect in the signal chain. (If you skipped step 2, you can skip this step, as well.)
  8. Set the new event to be persistent, so that it doesn’t end until you stop it.

Now, you have two events. Play one instance of the first event (it doesn’t matter where in the world it is), and as many instances of the second event as you want. The instance of the first event will act like a radio station, broadcasting the same music to all of the instances of the second event, allowing them to all play in perfect sync.

As a bonus, this method actually consumes less resources than having many event instances all playing the same music.

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Thanks Joseph,

This was a great explanation and everything works as intended now!