3D pan problem with Unreal 4

Hi there.

It might be a dumb question but I tried many solutions to avoid this with no result.

I’m working with Fmod Studio on a First person game.

I made many 3D events, and I’m encountering a panning problem :

  • When I’m in front of a 3D sound, it generally plays on the left of my headphone, and not in front of me!

In unreal engine, the sounds are positioned on the objects.

In Fmod, I my sounds I want to play in 3D are originally in mono.
I tried to play with envelopment and other features but the result is not satisfying.

Do you have an idea of why my 3D sounds behave like this?
I my preferences, the format is 5.1, does it has something to do with this?

Many thanks in advance (the game will very soon be shipped!!! argh!!)

I found that it only occurs on the mac builds.

The builds for Mac are really bad. I don’t know if it come from Unreal or Fmod.

An older build had this bug but it should be fixed now. What version of the plugin are you using?

Thank you for the answer.
I used the 1.06.02 build. We are releasing the game tomorrow so I didn’t wanted to take a risk that a new version of Fmod could crash the game, but I will try after backing up. Thanks!