Incorrect 3D panning in 1.06.02

Is it just me, or 1.06.02 introduced a bug in the 3D panning of sounds? I have looping event played using UFMODBlueprintStatics::PlayEventAtLocation() and it is correctly 3D-panned with the UE integration 1.06.01. With the 1.06.02 integration it doesn’t sound in the right place anymore. The banks have been produced with FMOD Studio 1.06.01, I didn’t try to re-build them with 1.06.02, though, maybe that might solve the issue.

Yes, we re-arranged some code and broke it, sorry! The 1.06.03 version should be back working again.

More specifically, as part of the reverb/snapshot feature we incorporated some inbuilt engine sound orientation code, but it seemed to have its forward direction pointing the wrong way.