Bug in playback panning

Hi, I work in Fmod studio 1.04, and I found a problem. When I play a wind loop in the event editor on a Audio track by default (panning, 3d Panner) I found that the sound feel a little right back. I close my eye and mix the sound in the 5.1 panner until I find the middle in my headphone (doing this 2-3 time) and it’s not in the middle, but a little left front. But when I play the sound in the audio bin, it’s alright, I got no problem. Meter show an all flat signal, 3D preview is in exact center. There is really a difference between the same sound play in audio bin and in the event track. I can’t mix properly if the event track do not reproduce the sound with the good panning. It is a bug or I’m doing something wrong ?

Thanks, Philippe

I think I have noticed some oddities in the panning in 1.04 as well.