3rd Party plugin


Hi, all,

Got stuck again. I’m trying to compile and load example fmod-plugin, namely fmod_distance_filter, into fmod. What i’ve done so far on Windows:

  • compile low-level-api examples.sln with VS2015 and compiled fmod_distance_filter64.dll.
  • copied the dll to fmod and the plugin can be found and used.
  • built the banks into build/Windows and at the end Unity could use the bank (and plugin) on Windows.

The next step for me is to compile and deploy something like libfmod_distance_filter.so to Android. I was hoping fmod-android low-level-api examples.sln for Android could have some example code for libfmod_distance_filter.so. But the examples seem to be all for native Android apps (i can compile them fine, thanks to previous helps!!). I tried to write the fmod_distance_filter plugin for Android, but no luck to get it compiled and deploy correctly.

Hope i didn’t confuse you… my question is:

  • the banks i built in fmod is in build/Windows. If the banks will be deployed to Android, is that a problem?
  • Is there a similar way to compile libfmod_distance_filter.so for Android just as fmod_distance_filter64.dll can be compiled on Windows? Or I need to write and compile .so myself?

I’m using Unity-fmod integration version 1.07.06. the latest one had JNI_OnLoad issue.



Currently you’ll need to compile the distance filter example into a .so yourself. I’ve added a task to our tracker to include Visual Studio projects for building these.

It should be fairly straight forward to do though, using the NVidia NSight Tegra integration for Visual Studio, create a new project “Dynamic Library for Android Application”. Replace the auto generated code with the plugin code, add a search path for the FMOD headers and build.