How to compile Fmod low-level-api plugins (and deploy it to Unity)?

Hi, All,

How to compile Fmod low-level-api plugins (i was hoping to compile 3rd party plugins for android and deploy to unity)? I downloaded the Fmod-Android and tried to load examples.sln (in api/lowlevel/examples/vs2010 folder) with VS2015. However, i have no luck. When cleaning/building the solution vs2015 give me this error:

Error MSB8006 The Platform for project ‘user_created_sound.vcxproj’ is invalid. Platform=‘ARM-Android-NVIDIA’. This error may also appear if some other project is trying to follow a project-to-project reference to this project, this project has been unloaded or is not included in the solution, and the referencing project does not build using the same or an equivalent Platform. user_created_sound C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V140\Microsoft.Cpp.InvalidPlatform.Targets 21

any help will be greatly appreciated…!!


You need to install NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android to build the examples.

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Hi, Nicholas,

Thank you so much!!! the lib is compiled with vs2015 and NVIDIA CodeWorks!