4channel sound ambiences

I recorded some test 4channel sound ambiences with IRT cross microphone technique. I know that FMOD Studio supports 4channel sound files. What if the listener rotated, audio channels (L, R, Ls, Rs) within an event would rotate accordingly? This could work great for VR projects, is this doable in FMOD Studio somehow?

If the event is 3d you can do this by changing the sounds direction. Try spinning the mouse wheel in the 3d preview (top right) and you will hear it spin your source signal around.

On top of the listener having a direction, events can have a direction too.


actually if you just have a 4ch sound in a scene, you dont need to do anything if you want the 4ch to stay in place. you just have to turn your listener around to have the 4ch move around the speakers. The event direction is just if you want the event to independently rotate.

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Thanks for your patience, Iā€™m glad you helped me with this one.

It works and sounds great!!