7.1.4ch WAV file RS, LS <->RSR, LSR speaker position changed and output


FMOD Studio imported 7.1.4ch WAV files, but the locations of RS, LS, RSR, and LSR output from DAW or player are different, so I am inquiring.

Unlike the Cubase, Nuendo and Foobar players, the RS < - > RSR and LS < - > LSR are switched and output in FMOD Studio, so the intended panning is not output.

Is there a solution?

As of the time of writing (August of 2022) there are multiple different standards for channel order, and no way for FMOD Studio to detect which is used by files imported into an FMOD Studio project. However, you can use an FMOD Channel Mix effect to change the mapping of a signal’s channels.

For best results, position the FMOD Channel Mix effect “upstream” of the event’s spatializing effect (i.e.: in the signal chain of a track that routes into the track containing the spatializing effect, or in the same track as and to the left of that effect) to ensure that the signal’s channel order is changed before specialization is applied, and set the channel mix effect’s grouping to the channel format of the assets. You should then be able to change the speakers used by individual channels by using the drop-down menus.