5.1 Order Different in FMOD than Unity?

Hey everyone I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this.

I import a 5.1 test tone.wav file into FMOD Studio and audition it through my receiver system and each speaker is triggering as expected. BUT When I add this FMOD event to a scene in Unity and I hit play on the scene the audio seems to only be coming out mono, definitely not playing out of the expected speakers.

Heres what I’ve tried

  1. My RAW audio channel order is the same a FMOD Studio L R C LFE LS RS
  2. In Unity I went to FMOD-Edit Settings and changed the audio to 5.1 Surround
  3. In Unity I went to Edit - Project Settings - Audio and changed the audio to 5.1 Surround I hit save and re-launched the Unity scene. Still same result. Audio sounds like it’s coming out Mono and not 5.1 Surround.

Thoughts ?

Does your event have a 3d panner? If it is a 3d event it will be downmixed/positioned in 3d space. You didnt say where you auditioned the sound in the first instance, was it in the event editing screen, or maybe just from the audio bin?