Inquiry about FMOD_CHANNEL ORDER related location

We would like to ask you about changing FMOD_CHANNEL ORDER from FMOD_CHANNEL ORDER_DEFAULT to FMOD_CHANNELOR_WAVEFORMAT because the speaker configuration we think is different.

  1. I would like to ask you where I can modify FMOD_CHANNELORDER.

  2. If we proceed with the modification with FMOD_CHANNELORDER_WAVEFORMAT, we would like to ask you when we need to modify it.

Thank you.

You can change FMOD_CHANNELORDER when creating a sound with System::createSound, by setting the channelorder in the FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO exinfo struct.

FMOD_CHANNELORDER_WAVEFORMAT is for internal use only and will not work with exinfo. If you want to match the speaker layout of FMOD_CHANNELORDER_WAVEFORMAT then you can use a Channel Mix dsp to assign each input channel to an output channel/speaker of your choosing.