A couple annoying UI bugs I'd like to report

Hi there,

I noticed the following (at least on the Mac version)

  • whenever editing text, say, the name of an event, I can only use the backspace key to delete letters, if I hit the delete key, it deletes the event. :open_mouth:
  • whenever zooming on time-fixed sounds while playback is on, the zooming fucks-up the playback
  • some weird scrolling behaviour that I can’t reproduce but that forced me to quit the program and restart it. I used the mouse on the timeline so scroll to the right (I didn’t click on the little thingy below whose purpose it is to do that) and the view started dancing on its own, going left and right, all jiggling. I couldn’t regain control of the interface. Had to quit it.

Thanks for the bug reports. A fix for the “weird scrolling behaviour” issue has already been implemented, and shall be included in the next release of Studio. We’re also investigating the delete key issue, and I suspect it will be an easy fix.

However, we’ve been unable to reproduce the playback-when-zooming issue. Could you please explain in detail what you are doing when the issue manifests itself?

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If i may add a couple of things…

On a macbook pro retina (mavericks OS)

1, two finger scrolling only works vertically not horizontally
2, The pots are really weird sometimes, usually only during playback, they get ‘stuck’ and i have to jiggle about on the trackpad to get them moving smoothly again

Thanks for pointing that out; I’ll bring it up at our next design review meeting.

I’m not really sure what you mean by “pots,” and Google isn’t coming up anything useful. Could you please explain this term?

Oh sorry, I mean like rotary control knobs for parameters and pan and suchlike - potentiometers, although I’ve only noticed the problem happening specifically with parameter controls

Ah! Thanks for explaining that. I deal mostly with software, so a few hardware-derived terms have passed me by. Thanks for the bug report; I’ve not been able to reproduce this behaviour yet, but I’ll continue investigating.

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