Visual Mouse Bug in Studio Editor

I just started using Fmod a few days ago (using 2.02). Its been working fine for the most part so far except I noticed a strange visual artifact/bug with the UI when clicking and holding faders and parameters in the FMod studio UI. It looks to me like some sort of readable info should be there, but instead its just a bunch of random pixels. It doesn’t seem to affect any of the faders/parameters at all, its just a bit strange, and since Its been happening since I started using the software I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like.
I attached a gif of the behaviour (I also tested with the cursor bigger so it’s easier to see the artifact)

That is certainly not what it’s supposed to look like.
Can you please tell me your exact FMOD version (e.g 2.02.03, 2.02.07) and the operating system you are using?

Version is 2.02.08, and I’m currently on Windows 10 x64

Thank you for the additional information, we have not been able to reproduce this on our end, but it appears to be an issue with hiding the cursor. Are you using default mouse settings with your OS or have you modified them in any way?
Can you please try downloading an earlier version of FMOD Studio and tell me whether you get the same issue? Perhaps 2.02.00?

Hi Jeff, sorry for the delay.
As far as I can tell my mouse settings are default. I did figure out that it’s probably related to having external/multiple monitors. I typically work on a laptop with an extra monitor connected (so 2 total displays) and the issue occurs in this situation. However, I noticed that if I unplug the second monitor and restart fmod, the artifacting goes away. Vice versa, if I plug it back in and restart fmod, it comes back. I also tested in 2.02.04 and the behavior is the same.

Thank you for the additional information, the fact that it’s reproducing on only one monitor suggests it is related to hardware.
Could you please plug that monitor back in and collect a DxDiag to get details about your computer’s hardware, and upload it to your FMOD Profile?

Just uploaded one to my profile

Thanks for sending that over. Nothing obvious is jumping out, but there are a couple of differences between the two monitors, most notably I see one of your monitors has a refresh rate of 140hz and the other one 60hz. My monitors only go up to 60hz so I can’t test whether this make a difference, but it might be worth setting the monitor’s refresh rate to 60hz and see if that affects anything?

Setting the higher refresh rate monitor to a lower setting didn’t seem to help. Of note I have a separate dual monitor setup (A desktop with 2 attached monitors) that I’m able to test on, and I see the same issue regardless of refresh rate. The one thing that’s the same between these setups is they both use a gtx 3060 graphics card.

Actually I think I may have found something. These images are what my dual monitor setup settings look like normally. Monitor 1 is scaled to 125 since it’s smaller, and monitor 2 is scaled to the default 100. I tried setting Monitor 1 to 100 and restarting FMOD and the issue seems to go away. Setting back to 125 and restarting again it comes back. I’m not totally sure if the issue only happens when two monitors are on different scaling settings, or if its just when any monitor is not at 100% scale.

I have reproduced this issue now, thank you for the additional information.
This is definitely a bug, and I have passed this on to the Dev team to fix in a future release.
It seems to be a benign graphical issue so feel free to leave your monitor on 125% while we investigate this- and thank you for reporting this issue.

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