When windows are tabbed, FMOD UI elements are not always clickable

This happens everytime I have several tabbed windows in FMOD, as it’s a customary setting in macOS:

The bug disappears as soon as I close all tabs but one.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce this behaviour on my end - can I get your FMOD Studio and macOS versions?

Now I’m using 2.02.15, but this happened with every FMOD version I used. I’m on the latest macOS Ventura patch. Note I’m referring the macOS native tabs, not tabs within FMOD, and not with every UI element, but definitely with the ones in the properties panel.

Thanks for your version numbers. I suspect this is an issue with your display resolution/DPI that is causing a mismatch between the expected and actual positions of interactive UI elements. Can I get your exact Mac model, and the resolution of your Mac’s display and any additional displays you may be using?

Hello, sorry for the delay.
This happens whether I use an external monitor (Benq 4k but at QHD resolution) or with the built-in screen of my laptop, which is a MacBook Pro M1 Pro 16".

Thanks for the additional info!

I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue at all, even when testing a variety of display resolutions/scales with external monitors. That said, thanks for reporting it regardless. I’ve noted the issue internally - if other users report experiencing the issue, and a solid repro is developed, the development team will be able to take a closer look.