A couple suggestions

Hey guys, I’m not sure if this is the place for it, but I thought I’d offer a couple suggestions about the program to Firelight Technologies.

If these solutions already exist in a newer version of the software or if I have missed them, I apologize.

Two handy features occurred to me that I think could really benefit the program if they were added.

  1. Project-wide, concurrent parameter settings

So similar to how we have tags we can add to events, and a tag browser, it would be really nice if Fmod could store user-created parameters somewhere else so that when we create params on new events, we can just borrow or essentially copy over already existing ones.

  1. Mixer notes!

I think this would be really handy. Not just the notes like we can add to events now, but specifically for the mixer hierarchy.

This is because often times, even if you are organized, a mix can start to become convoluted with a lot of routing, plugins, and different views to look at. If you dont touch a project for a week and come back, it may be difficult to recall how things were set up and what was routed where, in the mixer view. Please add some mixer notes for us similar to what the event browser already has!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a lovely day. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the feedback!

Project wide parameters are a big part of 1.10, as Presets.

Sweet! And you’re welcome. :slight_smile: