A question about memory of events who have trigger condition

I’m wondering whether an event instrument will be loaded to memory when its trigger condition is disabled by its parameter.
For example, a footstep event has a lot of event instruments set for different ground textures. When I’m walking on the dirt, the event instrument of dirt will be played. But, in the meantime, although I can’t hear, will the other texture sounds be loaded by Fmod? Because they are in the same mother event. So I’m worried that if I make a huge footstep event who contains all textures and Foley things will waste a lot of memory.

Thanks a lot!

All instruments, with the exception of instruments that contain streaming assets, will be loaded into memory once the event is created. You can use the profiler to check how much memory is being used and determine if you are okay with using this style of event, or if you would prefer to conserve memory, you can switch to using separate events for each footstep type.

Got it. Thank you a lot!

Hi Richard,
First of all, thank you very much. I got it.
One more question, do we have a manual to learn about these performance things? I didn’t find it in ‘Learn’ page.
And we are using 1.10.00. Is it same as you say?
Thank you again!

We have some information in our documentation on CPU performance, but the topic is so wide and varied that it’s difficult to write down. If you have further questions on optimizations we can investigate and answer them on here.


Nice! Thank you very much.