About FMod in Unreal with Pak

I’m using FModStudio in Unreal Engine and I want to use it on Android and iOS.

Since the sound resource we created exceeds 200MB, it can not be included in the APK, so we put resources in a separate pak file.

Because FModStudio set to PreDefault, it failed to load the banks in the StartupModule, then I have a chance to mount the Pak.

I have tested that the PreLoadingScreen module, after it mounts, FModStudio can load banks correctly, but our patching system can not work well under this condition.

I would appreciate it if you could provide me a way to get started with FModStudio after downloading as a separate resource, or it can be helpful how can I restart FModStudio Module in android.

Thanks, Sangyeon Jeon

You should be able to change the FMODStudio Module loading phase to ‘None’, which will not automatically load the plugin at all. Then once you have downloaded the resources make sure to call ‘IFMODStudioMofule::Get()’ before using anything FMOD related, this will ensure that the plugin is loaded.

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