StartupModule() Fatal error! - inconsistent LoadingPhase of modules

We are experiencing kind of weird behaviour after plugin integration. We have followed all steps from integration guide. We are using UE 4.25.4 build from source together with FMODStudio plugin 2.01.09 for UE 4.25.
Below you can find log from crash (same occurs for packaged game and project editor).
StartupCrash.txt (4.7 KB)

Below you can see how different settings of “LoadingPhase” for modules causing above mentioned crash →
FMODStudio_BuildOK.txt (661 Bytes) → packaged game won’t crash on startup but opening UE editor will always crash while loading FMODStudio plugin (details in log)
FMODStudio_EditorOK.txt (645 Bytes) → UE editor won’t crash and opens correctly, but packaged game always crash while loading FMODStudio module (details in log)

Could you explain me how to set it properly so UE editor and packaged game will smoothly work with FMODStudio plugin?

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I have not been able to reproduce this myself, the editor and builds were working as expected when using the settings we ship:

"Modules" :
		"Name": "FMODStudio",
		"Type": "CookedOnly",
		"LoadingPhase": "PreLoadingScreen"
		"Name": "FMODStudio",
		"Type": "Runtime",
		"LoadingPhase": "PreDefault"
		"Name" : "FMODStudioEditor",
		"Type" : "Editor"

I could only see one log file attached to the previous post but nothing obvious in that.
If you are able to reproduce this in a new/empty project and upload it to your FMOD Profile it would be greatly appreciated.