Access a list of sounds in an audio table

Using the FMOD Studio API I can get a list of EventDescriptions, Strings, Banks, VCAs, etc.
Is there a way I can get a list of sound keys that exist in an AudioTable?
I’d like to get a list of keys that are valid to use in the getSoundInfo method.
I am using C#.

I need this information at runtime because we are switching to FMOD from an existing system that used a naming convention to group sounds so we could use a key to play randomly from the group.
For example game logic that specified stone_footstep* would randomly play a sound from the following list found on disk:
Now that all these sounds are loaded into banks, I want to do the same thing with a hypothetical getSoundList method.
Additionally, game logic that has sound keys associated with various events could be validated against the sound table at runtime to ensure all the keys actually exist in the bank.


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In the case of the footstep example, it sounds like you are trying to make a Multisound via code instead of in Studio. In Studio you can use parameters for different surfaces and multisounds with randomization, see the examples Footsteps event for more info.

Is there a reason you are trying to do this in code rather than in Studio?

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