Accessibility For Blind Designers


I am a visually impaired sound designer and very interested in using FMOD.
I am hoping that there is some kind of accessibility option to help me navigate the software using Mac VoiceOver.
I searched this forum and the only mention of this issue was posted back in 2008. This issue was never addressed by FMOD support or community members.

I use ProTools and Reaper seemlessly with a screen reader and macro scripts created specifically for both programs and I am sure it is not impossible to apply something similar to FMOD.

As digital audio technology progresses it is important to include blind and visually impaired people in the process. I would love to be able to use this software but without this kind of accommodation I cannot.

If there is something that I am missing in regards to my inquiry please point me in the right direction. If this is something that has gone un addressed then I must request that we find a solution. I can’t see but my ideas in sound are abundant. There is no reason for the field of sound design to be populated only by the sighted.

Thank you for the support on this subject.


Hi Andy, thank you for getting in touch regarding this important issue. We really appreciate your enthusiasm!

We will schedule some time to investigate better accessibility options. In the meantime, given we don’t have a lot of experience in this area, it would be good to learn about your workflow with other software:

  1. Do you use screen readers to interact with the individual graphical items on screen? What is your approach to dragging and dropping of items (regions/clips) on the timeline? What is your approach for editing values on dials/faders for DSP effects?
  2. Are the ProTools and Reaper scripts officially provided or user created? Can you link to these?
  3. Have you tried our scripting interface before? While this may be less intuitive as it requires use of Javascript, it does allow full access to our project data model, and supports most playback operations.

Thanks again!