FMOD Studio Access for the blind and visually impaired

Hi. My name Is Jaffar and I am a blind software developer and computer user from Singapore. I am thinking of developing an AddOn for our premier Open SOURCE Screen reader NVDA, non-visual desktop access which can be found at This is because FMOD can be used to develop audio games for blind gamers to play and enjoy. So there are some questions i will need to ask:

  1. Do I need to submit the ADDOn here for approval?
  2. If it is posible to divulge, I will need to know which framework is used to develop FMOD studio so that I can better develop the message handles for the windows and other UI elements for NVDA to access. NVDA is Written primarily in Python, hence the AddON will be developed in Python, using WxPython as the GUI’s building block Thank you…
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  1. Any addon you create for FMOD Studio does not need to be verified by us, however I’m sure our users would appreciate a post in this forum in case they come looking for functionality like what you provide.
  2. FMOD Studio is developed in C++ using the Qt framework.