Accessing nested EventInstances in the API


I’m trying to simulate some aspects of using event tempates in FMOD Designer by having a base event (e.g., a generic jet engine type sound) that is then used as a nested event for different types of engines. Being nested, the parent event can apply pitch shifting and so on, to produce variants of the base event while using the basic engine and “air woosh” in each case.

This is all fine but, one aspect of the events I’m working on uses a sustain point on the timeline in the base i.e., the nested, event. I’m using timeline automation to apply a high pass filter where its cut-off rises as the event fades (so it fizzes into nothing).

I can access the CueInstance of the original event but can’t see how in the API I can access a nested event from the parent and then access its CueInstance. I thought at firts it would be Studio::EventInstance::createSubEvent() but this is for sub-events rather than nested events.

Is this event possible? Or can I pass the cue message some other way?


You could try using timeline transition logic tied to a parameter in the nested event, then control that from the parent event. Instead of a sustain point, you can use a Loop Region to keep the child event playing, and have a transition region that responds to a parameter change, which then skips to the “fizzes to nothing” part.

Thanks that sounds like a great solution to the specific example.

It would still be useful to know whether it’s possible to access the nested events from the API. Thinking about it, that’s probably complex since we’d need access to tracks, then sounds on the tracks, which may or may not be event instance sounds…

Sub-events are one possible way to have events separately accessible within another. Sub-events show up as additional audio tracks in the parent event, and all play through the same Master (with the 3D Panner applied).