How to Access Sub-Events via code in Unity


We can’t work out how to access sub-events via code in unity. They do not appear in the banks, and we are having trouble figuring out how to access them. Also, they do not appear in the GUIDs.txt, only the parent shows up.

The way I am trying to utilize these sub-events is that one character has all its sub-events listed underneath it. This way if I want to influence vitality on the entire creature, I can utilize a parameter on the master event. I also can not assign the sub-event to the bank, the only options under sub-event are delete, copy and duplicate, but I can only ever paste a sub-event as a sub-event again - never an event.

Unfortunately, I also cannot move a sub-event and turn it into an event in fmod studio, unless of course I’m missing something. Please enlighten me if so! This means that if we can not figure out how to recognize the sub-events, I will have to completely remake our whole project…

Any help or advice would be greatly greatly appreciated!

You can access sub-events by creating an instance of the parent event, then calling EventInstance.createSubEvent() from C# code. Pass in the name of the sub-event (as defined in FMOD Studio), and you will get an instance of the sub-event that is routed into the parent event instance.