Trigger a timeline sub event within a parameter event

Hello there, I’m a beginner to Fmod (or any game audio software to be honest) and even if I understood most of the features (thanks to the great documentation) I’m struggling with a problem .

So suppose I have this level where I want music and ambiances to play , but sometimes ( i.e. when a timer is triggered) I want this music to change to another and other effects .

I created a parameter event that allows me to play the music 1 and fx 1 on a specific value and music 2 and Fx 2 on another value . Music 2 and FX 2 are nested in an new event whithin the parameter event and contains sustain points.
The nested event is a timeline event . What I was hoping to happen is that when the parameter event trigger the nested event it would start the timeline and allow me to use cues from the main event display .

I’m I doing this the wrong way ? Is there a way ?

Thanks for any advice . Anyway, it is a great soft, and I’ll keep using it.


I’m not entirely clear on your setup. Are you using sub events, event sound modules, or event reference sound modules? Is the problem you’re experiencing that you need to ‘key off’ sustain points in an event from that event’s parent event?

Yeah it is a bit confusing so I made screenshots : : This is the event. Highlighted in yellow is the event sound module that disturbs me . : When I open that event sound module, this screen appear . My true question being, when there is a nested event like this , what happens on it’s level if I press play on the parent event transport bar ? I think what you mean by “key off” sustain points from event’s parent is what I’m trying to achieve .

Thanks for the help Joseph!

Well, looking at those screenshots, what would happen when you press the parent event’s Play transport button is that the parent event will audition. While it is auditioning, if the “ETATS MUSIQUE” parameter cursor overlaps the “TIMER” trigger region, the “TIMER” event sound module will be triggered. Triggering an event sound module causes an instance of its associated event to play, routing its output into the “TIMER EVENT” audio track on which the associated trigger region is located.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way in which to cause the timeline cursor to move on from the sustain points of event sound modules’ associated events. We will implement this feature eventually, but in the mean time we recommend you avoid using sustain points wherever possible. Instead, try using loop regions with parameter conditions; The parameters that control the loop regions can then be controlled from the parent event.

All right , I’ll try with loop regions that might do the trick ! Thank you for your time and advices .


Has this function been implemented since then? I’m afraid not. Should we consider the sustain points as deprecated?

Sustain points work as expected and aren’t deprecated. The issue is that the current setup does not allow for certain functions to pass from referenced/child events up to the parent event. This is currently being looked at as part of a larger task but we unfortunately can’t provide a timeframe for when it will be implemented.