Accessing pitch parameter from mixer groups in code / blueprint

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We’re trying to access the pitch settings on the mixer groups so that we can adjust them in blueprint or code (or both preferably). we’re looking to attach the global time dilation effect in UE4 to the pitch of a group in FMOD. I’ve looked at a lot of stuff online and can’t find anything in the documentation about accessing pitch from groups in the API. The only alternative we can think of is having a global parameter across the events we want but that would be a tiresome and manual task, indeed.

Thanks for any help!

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Hey, our programmer just figured it out. It turns out we needed to try and access ‘master channel group’. Here is the code he used for anyone interested…

FMOD::Studio::System* StudioSystem = IFMODStudioModule::Get().GetStudioSystem(EFMODSystemContext::Runtime);
if (StudioSystem != nullptr)
	FMOD::System* LowLevelSystem = nullptr;
	FMOD::ChannelGroup* Group;

	//Finally settings the pitch, after all checks passed