Change pitch on many events - Request : Parameters Matrix - Global Parameters

Hello there.

Fmod Version : 1.7.5
Ue4 : 10.2

I’m trying to change the pitch of many different events at the same time.

It seems I can’t do it with Snapshot as it only allows for mixing changes (I don’t want to use the pitch shifter).

So I added a parameter to theses events, with the same name. Still I can’t cast this only common parameter in Unreal to change things on those different events.

I tried to make an event parent that reference all the others and has the same parameter. Didn’t worked (because in Unreal the other events are not trigged from the parent but from their base events, in other BP than the one I change the parameter from).

Is there a way to tweak some kind of global parameters? Like the last solution I tried would be awesome (if it worked). Or a function that allows to reference a parameter and use it even if it belongs to many different events!

Like a Parameter Matrix, where you could tweak all parameters values, and patch them.


The idea of global parameters is a very good one and it is already on our desired feature list, but it hasn’t been done yet and won’t be part of our next major release either. So I don’t have an expected eta on it.

We don’t expose bus pitch via the API. The only workaround would be to programmatically grab the underlying channelgroup of the bus and set the pitch directly on that. That requires C++ since we don’t expose that via blueprint. Information on getting a channel group from a bus is here: