Addressables and FMOD soundbanks


Our project uses Addressables to remotely load assets on mobile devices and figuring out how to deal with soundbanks is becoming increasingly relevant to us.
Back in January it was mentioned that support for Addressables is being investigated (topic).
Has the situation progressed since, and if not, are there known workarounds to dealing with this issue?

There’s no going back on using Addressables for us, and we would prefer not to drop FMOD at this point of development either.

We have nothing to share at this stage regarding support for Addressables. The investigation task has been scheduled to be looked at by a developer in the coming month, hopefully there will be more news soon.

Hi Mathew. Is there any news on this (loading soundbanks from addressables on Unity)?

Yes, Addressables will be supported with our next release 2.01.06.
It’s expected to be released at the start of next month.

That’s great!
Thanks Mathew :slight_smile:

Hi. I’m using version 2.01.11 and keep geting troubles with addressables.
1 Can be confirmed what version include the addressables integration?
2 Are there any plain explanation guide of how to implement a project with FMOD and addressables?

  1. Support for Addressables was added in 2.01.06, so your version supports them
  2. There is no single concise document for how to use Addressables with FMOD and Unity. I suggest reading through the following:
    • AssetBundles & Addressables has explanations on the prerequisites to get Addressables working with FMOD and Unity.
    • Async Loading is an example of how to load banks programatically, which is the primary use case I can think of for Addressables with FMOD, so it would be a case of adapting the Banks list to be a list of AssetReference instead of a string list.

What issues are you having with Addressables?