How to Adressables+Play Asset Delivery?

Hi there,

I’m working on migrating a game to the new android aab format.
I switched to the usage of addressables to manage the game content.
But I couldn’t figure out how to migrate everything FMOD related.

The current working integration of the project uses the StreamingAssets/ folder and related import mode in the FMOD settings.

Where do I go from there ? I don’t understand what to go beyond switching the AssetBundle (that is somewhat different than addressables usage).

I’m using (and stuck with) FMOD integration 2.00.10 and Unity 2019.4.30f1.

Thanks for the help !

Support for Addressables was introduced in 2.01, I recommend you update FMOD to 2.01 and read through our Addressables documentation. You can use Addressables with 2.00 but it will be more work.

The AssetBundle side of things is just a matter of manually loading your banks with RuntimeManager.LoadBank and passing it the TextAsset from your newly created FMOD Asset Folder.
To then get them working with Addressables is a matter of assigning Addresses to those text assets, loading them asynchronously with Addressables.LoadAsset, and finally using RuntimeManager.LoadBank on the resulting TextAsset as you were before. You can open up the FMOD 2.01 integration source code and look for uses of “UNITY_ADDRESSABLES_EXIST” to get an idea of the relationship between AssetReferences and TextAssets and how to load them.

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