Small question : Addressables and banks imported on build

I recently updated our project from fmod 2.00.15 to 2.01.06 and so far everything is working well but reading the patch notes, it appears FMODUnity now only copies the banks to StreamingAssets when building.

This is problematic with our behaviour since we load some banks using Addressables at runtime and so we need to build the unity project every time we want to hear our changes so it’s really overkill. Is this intended behaviour ? What is the proper way to import banks as addressables at runtime and not have to build our entire project every time ?

hello you can use a script like this

using FMODUnity;
using UnityEditor;

public class BuildFMODBytes
[MenuItem(“FMOD/Build FMOD files”, false, 1000)]
public static void BuildFMODFiles()

Yes, that’s what I did but it seems like a hack, considering it requires you to search the source code for what to call. It just doesn’t seem to be the intended workflow so I’d like to have confirmation from a dev.

Apologies for the delay, this is due to a change we made in 2.01.02 to only copy the banks into the project at build time. We are aiming to have a fix for this in the next release.