Using Unity Addressable Assets


I’ve been using FMOD in Unity for a while now, I’ve got it working and can play sfx etc, now I’ve updated to the latest integration so I can use addressable assets, but I’m having trouble getting it to work. I’ve looked in the documentation and online but can’t find anything that helps so I’m asking here.

First question, when I want to use addressables, in FMOD settings, should I change the load banks option to none? I’m pretty sure the documentation says when using asset bundles then all soundbanks should be loaded manually, so I’m assuming the same applies to addressables, I’ve never loaded soundbanks manually so is this the correct load banks option?

Second, I’ve got a soundbank called “Assets/FMODBanks/Desktop/”, I’ve made it addressable, but when I make an AssetReference using the addressable name and pass it to FMOD to load, it gets an invalidkey exception. None of my soundbanks will load. I’ve copied one and renamed it to “Assets/something.txt” and that does not produce the invalidkey exception and seems to load ok. It’s the exact same file just with a different name, but no sfx will play. It’s odd that soundbanks using the standard FMOD sound bank naming scheme don’t seem to want to load, but if I change the name, then it at least loads the addressable, even if no sfx will play.

Is there anything else I should be doing to get addressable soundbanks to load and be able to play sfx? There’s really not much information online to look at.

Thank you for your help!

You can find some information about this topic in the docs: AssetBundles & Addressables.

It should be set to ‘Asset Bundle’ and they will need to be loaded manually through code.

The banks need to be made into Text Assets first, using the Import Type ‘Asset Bundle’, that way they can be loaded into memory using the RuntimeManager.LoadBank for Addressables.