After few minutes sound muted on iOS

I found a bug in plugin for UE4 on iOS platform. After few minutes (it’s random time) of playing on iOS, sound is suddenly muted. Restarting game doesn’t help… Only running other application with sound and then again running game with FMOD plugin helps… It’s weird and I have not noticed any dependencies.

Please help.

Does anything show up in the output log when that happens?

Only something like this:

Jul 23 13:37:42 iPhone-kodomastro CHASERS[269] : [2016.07.23-11.37.42:048][752]LogFMOD:Warning: /Users/fmod/jenkins/workspace/Build__1.8__UE4Libs_iOS/studio_api/src/fmod_playback_event.cpp(247) - Event {d92db25b-d909-41b4-983f-5709a1ea247c} waited 51 milliseconds for sample data to load. Preload sample data to avoid this delay.

What is interesting it brokes audio on whole device (all apps and even system audio)… Even if I close game! Audio is restored when I open any other app…

This problem in the same game doesn’t happen on Android…

That message shouldn’t cause the audio to be silent, it just means that one event will play slightly later than usual. I can try to reproduce it over here, although I’m not sure what the set up of the project or audio files should be that may cause any problems.

I still have this problem :frowning:

Sorry for the delay for this case. I’ve tested a project using FMOD launched to iOS, and I can’t reproduce any muted audio. Could you contact and provide more information such as:

  • A cut down project that can reproduce the problem
  • The full log file when it occurs
  • Information about the version of Mac and iOS that you are using.