After switch to UE 4.21 fmod not working

After switch to UE 4.21 fmod not working, I update plugins to the 4.21, I have no warnings and I can see banks but once I play them, they did not making any sound and all sounds in the project not working.
What should I do? thanks

Are you using the same version of FMOD as you were previously?
What engine version did you update from?
Does the FMOD plugin load at all? You can check this by searching for the FMOD plugin in the Plugin Settings.

Hello Cameron,

I downloaded 4.21 version and put in Plugins as already did before. Engine version is 4.21. Everything loading well, but there is no sounds, I have sound banks and everything, but no sounds in game (which works all good in 4.19) and when
I click separate sound, open and click play, there is nothing.

Yes I recheck loading of FMOD and its loaded. I was searching for days all over forums but I can’t find way to resolve it and I move overall project to the 4.21 (over 80gb) and that’s why need to find way for it to works. We using licensed
version of FMOD, we bought license last summer.

Thank you

What version of FMOD are you using?

It seems strange that there are no warnings or errors.
Can you enable verbose logging to see if we can find out any more info?

Were using 2.0 version, my colleague built it last year, and I’ll need him to rechek about (he is on business trip) , basically maybe we just need to
rebuild banks