AHDSR Release on sound not working


Having a small issue here: why when I apply a AHDSR to a sound (not the track, not the master, the sound object itself - see picture) the Release does not work (neither for Volume or Pitch change). When I hit stop, the volume does not fade or the pitch does not change no matter the Release setting I have.

I imagine this is intended (working as designed), but I don’t understand why it works like that.

Is there a workaround for this (specially for the Pitch change on Release option)?

Thanks a lot!

When you stop the event, the only release that will be applied is the one that’s on the master track. Release modulation applied to a particular instrument will only play when the instrument stops being triggering, inside a playing event. To solutions: apply your effects on the master track, or nest your instrument.

Yeah, the solution about adding a Pitch Shift to the Event Master channel I did before (although I thin it’s not ideal, because it’s a different type of pitch shifting).

The nested event solution I tried before but couldn’t make it work (no idea why).

Is this something that FMOD devs should be looking at? The possibility of making this work in the “pitch” option on the sound itself. It would make this so much better and simpler.

I’ve eventually found out how to have the release on an instrument: it has to be async and the duration of the instrument in the timeline should be shorter than its contents. That way, when the instrument finishes to be triggered, there’s still some sound to play in it to apply the release. It works with the pitch shift.
(but it doesn’t work when stopping the event, though)

However, doing something like that, with a sustain point (you’ll do a key off instead of stopping the event), does exactly what you want, I guess:

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yeah, I was about to post this here, @Alcibiade. I was playing around with it and found out that this works perfectly. I think we had the same idea ahaha Thanks a lot, though :smiley:

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Have you read the AHDSR modulators aren’t playing out their releases section of the Troubleshooting chapter of the FMOD Studiuo User Manual? It explains the behavior of AHDSR modulators in detail.

In FMOD Studio versions 2.01.00 and later, if you want an instrument to be untriggered when the event is stopped, you can give it that behavior by assigning a “Not stopping” event trigger condition to the instrument.

No, as we have already looked at it. :slight_smile: As mentioned above, there is already a way to make events untrigger when the event is stopped, allowing AHDSR modulators to play out their releases at that time.


Thanks for your reply, Joseph. I’ll take a look at the link you sent.

Oh, that’s handy!

Hi. I have a similar problem, and thought I would just post here, to keep things more tidy.

I have a snapshot (InsideTerminal), that I have dragged into an event (TerminalAmbience), on its master track.
The event is triggered whenever I enter a terminal in the game.
So every time I enter a menu, the event (TerminalAmbience) is playing some “in terminal” ambience, along with triggering the snapshot called “InsideTerminal”.

It works fine, but once I exit the terminal, I can hear the snapshot being dropped to fast. The release part of the snapshot is not playing.

I have a modulator on the snapshot macro, that has a 1 sec attack and a 1 sec release. (this is set in the mixer view).
As I said, the snapshot is placed on the events master track.
The event itself (TerminalAmbience), has an ADHSR modulator on its master fader with a 1 sec attack and a 1 sec release as well. (same as snapshot “InsideTerminal”).

I read the manual, but cannot find a reason why my snapshot is not playing the release part? Maybe I just don’t understand it correctly?

How could I fix this?


What does it happen to the main event when the player exits the terminal? Is it stopped?

Yes, when you exit the terminal, the event stops. So I put a fade out (AHDSR) release that was 1 sec, so it wouldnt turn off immidiatly.

Ok, so that’s normal. Just add this on your snapshot instrument in it should work fine:
If you want explanations on why it behaves like this, just ask.

Seems to be working now. Thanks Alcibiade:)