Nested event not applying AHDSR modulation on release

I created a new event and dragged another event into the audio track to nest it, but the parent event does not seem to be obeying the nested event’s “Release” AHDSR setting. According to documentation, a stopped referenced event should run through the modulation defined on that event, not stop abruptly. But stopping abruptly is exactly what’s happening.

FYI the attack is applying properly in the parent event. So am I missing a setting somewhere in the nested event? The goal is to avoid applying AHDSR on the parent.

When I test here, the release period of an AHDSR modulator on a property of a nested event is applied when the event instrument is untriggered in the parent event. I must therefore be doing something differently to you.

What property of the nested event is the AHDSR modulator on, and how are you stopping the nested event?

The AHDSR is on the volume of the Master track in the nested event. There is no ADHSR applied to the parent at all, in fact it’s a brand new event with no changes other than the nested event being dragged into the first audio track.

I’m triggering it via a button press in-game (UE 4.24) that plays the event for as long as the button is held. When I release the button OR tap space bar when listening to the event in FMOD Editor, the sound cuts off abruptly.

If I change the game to use the nested event instead of the parent, or play the nested event within FMOD Editor, and stop either (by releasing the button or tapping space), then the ADHSR release is applied fine. So I guess it’s something about my parent that’s off.

Ah, it sounds like you’re sending a stop command to the parent event. In that case, it is behaving as-designed.

Stopping an event does not untirgger any of the instruments in that event by default, and so does not send a stop command to any of its nested events. Instead, it simply begins the parent event’s stopping behavior - and from the sounds of it, the parent event has no defined stopping behavior, and so stops immediately.

If you want stopping the parent event to untrigger an instrument in that event, you must design your parent event such that sending it a stop event does not cause it to stop immediately, but untriggers any event instrument whose associated event whose stopping behavior you want to hear.

For more information about troubleshooting problems with AHDSR instrument release periods, see the AHDSR Modulators Aren’t Playing Out Their Releases section of the Troubleshooting chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual.

Thanks for the help! I unfortunately wasn’t able to get any setting on the parent event to make it untrigger nested events gracefully, but duplicating the nested event’s modulator onto the parent’s volume does work, so I’ll just have to go that route.

The page you linked to referred mostly to snapshots, which aren’t involved for this specific example, but it’s good to know how they interact with modulators in advance.