Action wont be faded out

As we can see from this video, the AHDSR is not working at Sound Clip/Action clip.
But it works fine when i put the AHDSR in the base controller of action.
This is same in-game too. I dont know if i understood actions wrong.

The behavior you’re seeing is expected and correct. As described in the section of our documentation on this topic, the release period of a modulator on an instrument begins when that instrument is untriggered, not when the parent event is stopped - and stopping an event does not untrigger any of the instruments in that event.

If you want the release period of an AHDSR modulator to begin when the event is stopped, you must either put the AHDSR modulator on a property of the event rather than a property of the instrument (such as the master track volume), or add an “event state: not stopping” trigger condition to the instrument.

In your case, I recommend putting the AHDSR modulator on the event’s master track volume instead of the volume of the instrument in that event, as it is not possible to add trigger conditions to instruments on an action sheet.

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