AHDSR release only fires on first loop when used with a multi-instrument

Hello all,

I have a multi instrument with three instruments inside it. I would like to gracefully fade between each loop so I followed the advice on this page: Multi-Instrument Crossfade or equivalent?

It works perfectly, but only on the first loop. On subsequent loops the sound stops dead at the point where the multi-instrument ends and there is a one second silence as the play head continues through the parent loop region before returning to the beginning to start a new loop.

Can anyone advise on what I may be doing wrong? I have attached a screenshot of my setup. Thanks.

Hi, that means some sounds contained in the multi are shorter than the timeline loop. They have to be longer for this technique to work.
What kind of sound are they? Note that if they haven’t the same length, the longer ones will be shorten (or the shorter ones will have silence at the end, as you experienced).