Crossfade Multi-instrument

Hello everyone, thank you for your time to help people on the forum!

I am on the following situation I have 3 pads sound in a multi instrument, and a loop in the middle of it ( it have a slow start before the loop). Ideally I would have the multi-intrument in Sync and when it looped it would do a little crossfade with the tale(after the loop) and at the beggining of the loop part.

I dont know how to procede with that, or if is possible at all, with async it will play from the start not the loop start. Maybe I should have two multi-instruments one for the loop and one for the start, but then how to sync them so they play the same audio? I tried some combinations with ADHSR and sync/async at the multi-insturment but it didnt made a crossfade, sounded more a fade out fade in.

Someone might have some insight? Will be trying to render cut the loop audio from the start…

Hm ok I think I ALMOST find a solution, I could use transition regions and make a fade in/out in it BUT the multi-instrument at Sync will only play one audio each time(I think), any way to make it start another and keep playing the old one at a trasition region?

As you have observed, synchronous instruments are not compatible with the kind of crossfade that you want, there is no way to keep an asynchronous multi instrument triggered across a transition timeline. It is possible to make an asynchronous instrument begin playing an asset from a point other than its start by automating its start offset property, but that requires the instrument to be untriggered and retriggered, which causes a multi instrument to select a new playlist entry to play.

To achieve the behavior you want, you must replace the multi instrument with a single instrument, and instead create multiple copies of the event, one for each pad sound you want to be able to play. Then, place an event instrument referencing each of these events into a multi instrument. (To put it another way, place the looping and crossfading behaviour of each pad sound inside the multi instrument, instead of outside of it.)