Multi-Instrument Crossfade or equivalent?

I have a looping timeline with a multi instrument that contains a variety of different seamless loops of ‘rocks and dust’ falling. The loop length in the timeline matches the loop length of all the audio loops. My problem is, not all the loops are seamless with each other. So if I set the instrument to shuffle, I hear abrupt cut-ins and cut-outs. Is there a way to set a multi-instrument to crossfade between the items in its playlist?

Try setting the multi to Async, creating equal-power-curve fades in/out on it, then shortening the loop.

Thanks! So I set to Async, added equal power fades in/out on the instrument in the timeline, and shortened the loop to varying degrees (half-way through the fades, inside the fades). But I must be missing something because I am not hearing a smooth crossfade?

Sorry about that. Too hasty a reply. Try this:

  1. No fades on the multi itself.
  2. Keep the multi Async.
  3. Set the loop region to the exact length of the loop minus the crossfade length you want.
  4. Keep the multi slightly shorter than the loop.
  5. With the multi selected, right click the Volume knob in the deck (bottom left) > Add Modulation > AHDSR.
  6. Set the attack and release to the desired length of the crossfade, and push those curves up to keep equal power.

Thank you thank you thank you! works a charm.

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