Cross fade Multi Sound?

I’m using a multi sound with async to randomly play sounds of various lengths.

I’d like to cross fade when transitioning between sounds, is there any way to do this?

Hi Chris,

You should be able to get this behaviour by making your multi sound module asynchronous (enabling the “async” button in the deck) and adding an AHDSR modulator to the volume dial of the multi sound.

In order for an async module to retrigger properly when looping, be sure to add a small gap at the start or end of the multi sound before or after it loops.


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Why it says ‘Solution’ when it just doesn’t work? Or am I missing something here?

I also need to crossfade sounds inside multi Instrument when one sound is getting to its end and another one starts playing. I couldn’t do it with this solution. Is there a method to do that in FMOD?

I’ve just realized that this topic is quite old now… But maybe someone will get here and help me? We will see.


Hello Przemysław,

There currently isn’t a way to crossfade between playlist entries in multi instruments. A workaround would be to use two identical multi instruments in a loop region with crossfades between them. This works best when the playlist entries in the multi instrument are of similar length.