Altering Parameters with Markers or can I use Snapshots?

I’ve got two sections of music each built up of multiple tracks, I have one parameter to control transitioning between the two sections and one to control the volume level on a couple of the tracks to give more variation.

If I’m in the second section with the volume parameter set to 0 to mute track 1 and I transition back to the first section I want the volume of track 1 back to normal (0db). If, from code, I set both parameters at the same time track 1 in section to will have its volume restored before the quantisation makes the transition. Even if I drive both transition and volume automation off the same parameter this will still happen because of the lag in transition brought about by the quantisation.

Is there a way around this?

Can I affect the parameter from the timeline instead, e.g. reset its value at a certain marker? Is there a way in code to tell which section (defined by a marker) is currently playing so I can make the volume change after the transition? Or is there a callback or message system for such things?

I started looking at Snapshots as storing a settings would seem to be exactly what I am after and these can be driven off a parameter. However, I cannot see a way to store the volumes for individual tracks via a snapshot - is this possible, what am I missing?


Off the top of my head, one option would be to place the trigger regions of each section on a different set of tracks, so that you can automate the volume of each section separately. This may require you to duplicate any effects you’re using, however… You may be able to get around that by placing your effects on the master track, or by creating additional audio tracks and using them as submixers. If you don’t have many trigger regions per section, it might be easier to automate each sound module’s volume individually, but I doubt that will be the case.

Alternatively, you could drive both transition and volume with the same parameter and use AHDSR modulators on sound modules to mask the transition. I’m not sure how applicable this second method would be to your event’s design and content, though.

Not in the Studio tool. Or at least, not yet; This feature has been on our to-do list since we first started designing parameters and automation, but it’s taking us a while to get there.

It’s not possible, yet. Event snapshots are another thing that’s on our to-do list; At present, snapshots can only be used to control properties that appear in a Mixer window.

Thanks for the response. I worked around this by having a bit of code wait for the event to be in the correct part of the timeline after it has been told to transition, and then apply the changes to the other parameters controlling various track volumes.