Parameter: Snapshot EQ + mute track at the same time

Hi guys, I’m a bit new to FMOD so I’m facing some basic issues, hope you understand and can help :slight_smile:

While the character of my game is exploring an outdoor area, music is playing two simultaneous tracks (a basic track plus a lead melody track). When the character enters a room temporarily, I want the music to have a low-pass filter applied, plus mute the lead track (and keep the basic track playing). I managed to apply the EQ via a parameter (with a snapshot instrument), but not to mute the track simultaneously. Can it be done within the same parameter?


Can you be more specific about the way you implemented the snapshot, the snapshot instrument, and the parameter? I’m not sure you did that the most efficient way…

Hey Alcibiade,

I finally found a solution to this. I created an EQ return (low pass filter), associated it to the Group of music tracks, and then created a discrete parameter (0/1) and a snapshot instrument (to turn the EQ on/off). So this worked fine to activate the EQ.

What was missing and I did then was automating the volume of the desired track, within the same tab of that parameter, so I turn it off when the parameter goes to 1 (and the EQ is activated). The only detail is that it sounds a bit funny because of the on/off contrast, maybe I should use a continuous parameter to make the transition sof


Yes, that’s the way to go. And as you suggested, you should use a continuous parameter instead, with a seek speed, for smoother transitions.

You mean a group of events. In the mixer routing, a “group” is a group of events, not of tracks ; tracks are parts of an event (but I guess you got confuse by the comparison with a DAW).
So if I understand correctly, you applied an EQ on the group, a snapshot controlling that EQ, in the event a snapshot instrument, with a trigger condition based on the value of a parameter. All this is totally ok, but may be over complicated for what you’re trying to do. The purpose of the snapshot, which acts at the event group level, is re-usability across different events, the ability to simultaneously apply to different events, and the ability of being called directly by the game code, independently from the logic inside the events. If your effect is only intended to be used in that event, simply apply the EQ on the master track of the event, directly controlled by the parameter.

One last point, you can smooth the snapshot triggering by adding an AHDSR modulator on its intensity, on the snapshot instrument. Or for simple cases (not fitted for your case), a fade like this:

Thanks a lot, Alicibiade! Yes, it seems it could be simpler, I see :sweat_smile:
I’ll try simplifying and smoothening it and will let you know if it didn’t go well (hopefully it will!). Thanks!

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