Snapshot inside parameter not releasing if active during a transition with transition timeline

I’m triggering a snapshot (intensity modulated by an AHDSR envelope) inside a parameter sheet, when the parameter cursor enters the snapshot it is triggered and when the cursor leaves the snapshot instrument it stops as expected. If the snapshot is active when the same parameter triggers a transition (with transition timeline) and after that the parameter cursor leaves the snapshot instrument, then it doesn’t stop. It works correctly if there is no transition timeline present. Is it a bug or I’m using snapshots incorrectly in this case?

Version: 2.00.07
Video of the behaviour:

I can confirm that this bug is reproducible, and affects instruments other than snapshot instruments. However, it only occurs if the instrument is untriggered while the timeline playback position is inside the source region of a transition timeline. We are looking into a fix for an upcoming release.

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Thanks for looking into this, Richard :slightly_smiling_face: