Ambient Zone isn't sending the parameters to FMOD Event

My Ambient Zone isn’t sending the parameters to FMOD Event…

I have created two continuous FMOD parameters (volume and LPF) and set their names in FMOD’s Studio Plugin settings in UE4.

Placed the audio volume in the ue4 level and it does affect CUEs but it is not affecting my FMOD Event… like it wasn’t sending the parameters of volume and lpf to it…

Any clues ???

Did you check with Live Update (API calls) if your parameter changes are received by FMOD?
Is the value range of FMOD parameters in line with UE4 values?

I’ve even set them global to see if they change in profiler but they don’t :frowning:

How have you playing your sounds? The first thing that comes to mind is that only FMODAudioComponent is affected by Ambient Zones, whereas PlayEventAtLocation is not. If you are already using FMODAudioComponent for your sound sources, can you please tell me which versions of FMOD and UE are you using?

Managed to finally get it working… don’t know what I did to fix it unfortunately… Made everything from scratch again and it worked, so probably I made some mistake earlier.