Ambisonics for PS5 and Xbox Series X and Project Triton

Hi, I was wondering what plugins for ambisonics are currently available that are compatible with the next gen consoles as well as PC. I am also really interested in other tech that allows for other more immersive sound propagation. I was looking at Project Triton and I reached out to Noel Cross who informed me that as of yet there was no FMOD support for this. Is this something that is on the cards or are there any other similar solutions in development? Incidentally I will be using Unreal for the next project.


Ambisonics ingestion is support via the Resonance audio plugin and we are able to build it for all platforms. We don’t have any immediate plans for supporting project acoustics though.

Great - will check out Resonance, cheers

Incidentally, is the Steam Audio FMOD plugin supported on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Steam Audio is maintained by Valve, you would need to discuss with them regarding which platforms they support.

So looks like the Steam Audio plugin is not supported on PS5 or Xbox Series X. I have been looking at the resonance plugin though. Its seems it is only compatible with 1st order ambisonics at the moment. Will there be any support for 2nd and 3rd order Ambisonics? It appears the Resonance integration on Wwise does support 3rd order?


Currently the Soundfield Source only supports first order, but we should be able to modify it to support 2nd and 3rd order without too much trouble.

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Fantastic! Do you have a timeframe for when this is likely to be updated?


Hopefully within the next version or two, provided there are no complications. We are planning one more release this year (it probably won’t make that release). Next release after that will be the start of Feb next year.

That’s great thanks

Unfortunately we’ve encountered complications that will preclude us from implementing 2nd and 3rd order ambisonics ingestion within Resonance. Modifying Resonance was easy enough but we need to make some architectural changes on the FMOD side that will take a bit longer to implement. At this stage I don’t have a revised timeline for when that will be complete.

Thanks for the additional info

Hi guys, any update regarding 2nd and 3rd order ambisonics?

Sorry, nothing to report yet.

Ok, thank you.

Any news since Jun '21?
To be sure: Resonance Audio and FMOD support Ambisonics “AmbiX” on all Platforms, but only FOA?

Resonance Audio and FMOD support Ambisonics “AmbiX” on all Platforms, but only FOA?

Yes, that’s correct, unfortunately no news on HOA yet.