An extra parameter "On Start"

Hi Guys,

I have some old fmod designer projects, after i upgraded them to fmod studio project, I noticed that all events have a extra parameter “On Start” and the sound source it put in this parameter, it caused i was unable to get timeline by EventDescription::getLength, I checked the designer projects, there is no event has “On Start” parameter, Could you give me some information about how to solve this issue?


It looks that all events are the sample events, may be it caused the extra “On Start” parameter, do you have any ideas about how to fix it?

Is there a way to get the play time length from the OnStart parameter?

Hi Li,

This is part of the migration process. Any sounds that aren’t on a parameter in Designer are now placed on the On Start parameter.

It was a migration decision and best approximation to what the original behavior in Designer would be and also simplify the migration instead of trying to put sounds on timeline.

In regards to getting the play time length of the OnStart parameter, this is not possible as parameters do not have play time lengths. Parameters exist for the entire duration of an event instance’s life cycle.

If you need the length of an event, you will need to move the instruments from the OnStart parameter onto the regular timeline.


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Ok, thanks for your help.

I will use a workaround to solve this issue.