An issue about the built-in convolution_reverb DSP unit

When using FMOD’s built-in convolution reverb unit, the input file seems to be heard as if it was rendered as mono. If I combine the same input and IR on DAW (Reaper + ReaVerb), the stereo image is preserved.
I don’t know which is the “right” behavior, but I want the processed output to be heard like the one I did on my DAW.
Is there any way that I can change FMOD’s current behavior in this situation?

On the Convolution Reverb effect there should be a button underneath “Channels” called “Link”. Make sure this is disabled otherwise the convolution reverb will mix down all channels into mono.

Thanks, it worked!
I’m experimenting with several reverb algorithms, and I’ve just got another question. I’ll post it as a separate topic since it’s not related to convolution.

No problem, I’m happy it helped! :smiley: